Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Gooood Morning dears. We are sure that you will be feeling that 'After such a short weekend, here comes a longest week ahead! Well, we too felt the same, but then, we realised that, there is something that will really bring oodles of cheers and miles of smiles on every face. And that is called 'Guess Who', which is surely the World's envy and Bollywood Hungama's eternal pride.

The mystery guest this week is someone who lives upto the saying of 'Old is gold'. Having started his innings in the golden era of Bollywood, he is someone who can aptly be called as the 'Original Superstar'. This might just come as a shock to many, but then, the fact (read 'clue') remains that his reel-name is not his real-name, for his real name starts with a 'J' and ends with 'N'. This man is also someone, who, by default, redefined 'tears'. And …the final icing on the cake is the fact that he is the F-I-L of today's superstar, who is a real Player in Bollywood.

If you feel that you have managed to crack this week's 'Guess Who', then, what are you waiting for? Simply, post your answers in below: