Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Goooooooood Morning Mumbai and the citizens of the World, Universe and the Galaxy. After a super-cool weekend, its time again for the super-hot week ahead (with the sweaty summer at its peak, it's really hot...quite literally). Before you start wearing your socks to rush to office, here's the time to pull your thinking socks and get ready to play the game what we would like to call as 'Guess Who'....Other's envy, Bollywood Hungama's eternal pride!

Well, the Mystery guest this week is indeed a 'Miss-stery' one! She started off her glorious career with TV and her smile became the reason for one and all to say cheese to TV for quite a long time. As the trendy trend remains, this damsel too got succumbed to the lure of the silver screen and started luring the cine audiences by her stunning performances, starting with her debut film itself. We are sure that if you were to ask her about her beauty secret, she is bound to advice you, "Dear, avoid eating Beetle Nut". Even though she is quite successful on all the fronts (be it music videos, films, ads), she really knows how to draw the 'Line' between all of them! The last clue (we are sure that you will get cracking with this one) is that the first word of one of her smash hit song is the airline code for Pakistan Airlines!

We are really, really sure that the above clues must have more than sufficed to get you through the name of this delicate beauty. So, if you feel that you have cracked this week's Guess Who, then, simply post your answers below and yell out 'Hip Hip Hurray'