Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

After all of last week's bhaag daud combined with stress, strain and anxiety, its time to bump all that off and start a new week by religiously wishing 'Goooood Morning' for a great new week ahead. Well, all this and much more…but not before, we propel our minds by fuelling it to play Bollywood Hungama's world famous game, something that we would like to call as 'Guess Who'.

The clues for this week's celebrity are that she is miles and smiles ahead of being a mere proverbial Barbie-doll clone. She is indeed a sun-kissed beauty who's blessed with not just brains, but also luck galore. Both of these aspects helped her climb the Bolly-ladder last year with superhits after superhits, so much so that many of the topnotch heroines have already started feeling the tremors of her Bolly-career's 'Boom-bastic' and meteoric rise! As if the Dream Merchants of Bollywood wasn't having enough of this Lady Damsel, she also happens to be the most sought after model in the Racing field of ad commercials too! Even though Singh-ing is not her forte, we just wouldn't be surprised if she Partners the microphone and starts crooning…simply out of the Blue!

Well friends, if you feel that you have cracked this week's Guess Who, then, waste no time and say Hello to your Lady Luck by posting your answers below: