Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Hey Guys and Girls. It's that time of the week when you officially allow us to drill your brains with some photographic thrill. And going by the responses that we have garnered in the weeks gone by, we are sure that this grilling session is here to stay. 'So', be ready for this week's session.

To start with, the stunning lady in gorgeous saree is undoubtedly from Bollywood. So what if she is only showing a 'glimpse' in this pic? So what if her name means 'beautiful'? So what if she was in the news recently coz her dress sense went wrong? So what if she had to dance like a butterfly in one of her superhit films? So what if she did not shout from the rooftops after having bagged the award at the Milan International Film Festival a couple of years back? So what if she is 'Kool' and hot at the same time?

So what if you know that the answer to this week's mind-racking question lies in the art of reading between the lines? Well, if you do, then, simply post your answers below and await the results. So what if you win this game??