Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

We bet that the weekend gone by was as lovely and lively as the week to come. So, let us all, in one voice, kickstart this week not just by unanimously wishing "Good Morning dearies", but also running our neurons wild while solving the supercool game, that by now the world would like to call as 'Guess Who'.

This week's celebrity is as hot and cool as it gets. The most prominent feature about her is her super waltzing smile. A popular saying goes as 'The location where she stays never runs out of light because her smile is good enough to light up the entire city'! On a professional front, she is someone who comes from the fairy land of beauty crowns. Post her winning the world, she started winning the cine goers' hearts with her golden performances on the silver screen in films like… well, the name of her films will be as synonymous with asking any school student the spelling of 'ABC'. All that we can say is that, she is the undoubtedly the undisputed 'Queen Bee' of Bollywood today, who is successful in Donning many hats at the same time (if you know what me mean!). Despite her Friendship with the Big Brother, her hazel eyes are romantically awaiting her Hero.

For those who have cracked this week's Guess Who, look no further and simply post your answers below. And for others, please rush to an astrologer to check your Rashee.