Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

With lotsa hope and oodles of confidence that all of you had a blasting weekend, let us greet each other a very Good Morning (lots of hugs and kisses included!)…all this and much more, but not before you crack this week's 'Guess Who', a game that is undoubtedly India's answer to the world!

This week's celebrity is someone who is truly the Brand Ambassador of Bollywood, for he is a person who can rightly be called as the 'Mr. Know-It-All'. Even though he is a Legend in his own right, he hates to be called so! While all the Bollywood hopefuls would dream of having their silver screen debut in Harley Davidsons and Ray Bans, here is a man who set the screen afire by debuting with a role that demanded him to be triple his then-present-age! Any further clues will only mean letting the answers loose!

If you are as sure as us in cracking this week's clues, then, look no further and post your answers below: