Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Goood Morning dearies and wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2009. We are sure that you all must have celebrated the parting of the old year with loads of dancing and partying. We also know that the advent of a brand New Year only means solutions and resolutions. Talking of solutions, we only feel that before we waste any further time on the New Year celebrations, its time that we present to you with the first ever gift of the New Year...something that we would like to call as 'Guess Who'.

Friends, please accept our Heartfelt confession when we say that, for the first ever 'Guess Who' of the New Year, we just couldn't think of anybody more apt that her! Well, we also confess that we have no words to praise an Indian, who is simply beyond praises and words...for she is someone, who has just not 'been there, done that', but still is 'being there, doing that'. She must really be the Chosen One of the Lord Almighty. Else how would you justify the fact that where everyone on Earth grow a year old every year, this Diva only becomes younger and younger! If someone were to write a book on 'Sureshot tips to become a topnotch VJ cum actress', then we are sure that the book will start and end with the following words 'VJing and acting is what this lady is all about. Period'. Even though she has now bid adieu to VJing and has embraced films full time, it's not just tough, but also impossible for anyone to reach even near her impeccable hosting skills. Armed with a surname that 'rules' Bollywood, this lady's curves must surely be the inspiration of many rivers, lakes and Ponds! This lady's mere smile is enough for any Scorpion to forget its way back home!

So, if you feel that you have cracked this week's 'Guess Who', you are more than Welcome to post your answers below: