Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Its Monday time folks, a day when you do some real brain racking exercise with the most popular game 'Guess Who'.

The celebrity this time is a chic who is quite a chic, given her Barbie-doll looks and her recently acquired fringed locks. If one has to poetically put, then, we can say that 'Bollywood' is her real name. But, if one has to speak realistically, then, her middle name is 'Michelle'. After having a successful stint in modeling, Bollywood was the next obvious step- for this beauty. And it took no less than a Yash Raj Film to mark her debut in Bollywood.

She is a cousin to none other than Bollywood's very own hunk Arjun Rampal. Now guess who this wonder girl is. The only hint that we can offer you is that when you try to question 'who' in Sanskrit language, this girl will not 'shy' away!

Well, if you know the answer, then, you know what to do. Simply post your answers below and prove to the world that you are indeed 'tez' than any Bollywood grader!