Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Good Morning, before the Monday morning blues set in its time for the game that gets those grey cells activated. Guess Who is your weekly test that examines your knowledge of the stars we love to talk about... so folk get ready and start that grey matter swirling for this week’s Guess Who?

This week we have a relatively new damsel to B-Town, however she is no new comer to the world of films. She has been the heart throb of the southern region for quite some time now and has just set the rest of India’s pulse racing with her latest flick. She is one girl who took the Mumbai advertising scene by storm and later even the starry Tinsel Ville. Besides this her stunning beauty and her fiery passion for acting has most definitely set many a screen ablaze.

So folks, if you think that the grey matter has kicked in after that caffeine induced wake up call, go ahead and try you hand and post your answers below for this week’s ‘Guess Who’.