Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Good Afternoon to the most wonderful people not just in the world but also the universe! We know that the last weekend was not that great to boast about, but let's all see the positive aspect of the same that the never-ending ordeals have ultimately ended! Thank God for the same. On a lighter note, you too will thank the Lord Almighty if you solve the most popular and sought after game in the world, something that we would like to call as 'Guess Who'.

Ladies and gentlemen, this week again the fairer sex reigns supreme and how! This week's 'Miss-stery' guest is someone who, when smiles a thousand Lamps get lit up (quite literally though) because such is the impact and the intensity of her mere smile! Her husky-dusky voice is something that immediately takes you to the bustling streams of the morning calm! The greatness of this model-actress is that even though she is not a newcomer in Bollywood, she gives her best performance everytime, maybe because she treats every film of hers as an 'Acid' test! The first two letters of her name also forms her pet name! Looking at her divine beauty and grace that she exudes in every interview of hers, the viewer feels like not going anywhere but 'being in her heart'! She is what one may call as the perfect Ten! We are sure that we are being generous to the core by giving you such simple clues, but we think that we should stop here before our generosity plays a spoilsport in revealing the answers!

Well, if you think that you have cracked this week's clues, without a crack in the answer, then, wait no further, simply post your answers below: