Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

After having constantly wished you 'Good Morning' for weeks and months galore, today we thought of wishing you 'Good Afternoon', as we wanted to be extra generous and allow you to start your day a bit later. We do understand 'weekend hangover' et al. So here's your 'Good Afternoon' wish and also warm wishes for a bright future ahead, all of this and much more...but surely not before you rack your brains and solve the 'world-famous' puzzle manufactured in India and patented by your very own Bollywood Hungama!

The clues for this week are as follows: She is a stunningly hot chic who came to India from the lower half of the globe. Butterflies buzz around her all the time for the simple reason that they feel that she is sweeter than even the flowers' nectar. She is blessed with a voice that resembles the morning stream, eyes that puts her lips to rest as they do all the talking...well...the list is endless. She came to Mumbai not to watch Matinee shows, but to fight 'Against' all odds and try her luck in Bollywood! Sometimes she gets so very engrossed with work that she doesn't even remember 'Who is Anthony?'

We feel that the clues this time are just too easy to solve. If you still find it difficult, then, all that we can tell you is read between the lines and you shall get the address of the goldmines! Waste no time and post your answers below. You never know when your Lady Luck might just say Hello to you.