Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Folkies, its Monday morning…the time to give some gyaan from our diaries by wishing you all "Gooooooooood Morning dearies"! This week, we are not hoping, instead we are tad confident that you all must have had a great weekend! Well, after the great weekend, here we come with what the Doctors had just ordered for and what we call as the 'Guess Who' game! Play this game...and reserve your space in Hall Of Fame!

The clues for this week are as follows: It's always said that God cannot be everywhere, hence He created Mother. In our mystery lady's case, Angels cannot be everywhere; hence He created thus Yummy Mummy! We really do not know the secret of her youthful complexion that's complemented by a glowingly flawless skin, but one thing's for sure, that with every passing day and year, this Diva only grows younger and younger! Every film of hers is a delight to watch out for, thanks to the splendid screen presence that she exudes. She was also one of the panel judges in the last season of a famous dance reality show! And lastly...well, the last clue will only mean taking the cat out of the bag and asking you to identify it!

We are sure that all of these clues should be good enough (read 'more than good enough') for you to identify the 'God's Chosen One'! If you feel that you have just cracked our famous 'Guess Who' game, then, go ahead and post your answers below.