Guess Who?


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Research shows that 'Good Morning' is undoubtedly the time and tested way to make people get up from their night sleep (and when it's the weekend, its slumber sleep!). But, trust Bollywood Hungama to be different (as it always was, is and will be). That's the only reason we have devised this brain racking game called 'Guess Who', something that makes you get up and sets you think.

Having said all that (read 'hogging the limelight'), its only time that we better shift the focus to the Celebrity this week. The celebrity in question this week is a daughter of a superstar, even though she has got a 'Son' in her name! Not the one to ride on her famous surnames' shoulders, she made the whole of Bollywood stand up and take notice of her 'innocence personified' acting talents, from her debut movie itself, and that too, all on her own! If that as not enough, her 'cover-girl' snaps in a zillion magazines only made her the most wanted actress on every director's wish list! Whatever be the matter, if you feel that you have the answer to this week's 'Guess Who' on your platter, then, waste no further time and post your answers below.