Is greed a bad emotion, asks Arjun Rampal


By Hindustan Times

Actor Arjun Rampal, who, over time, has managed to have a strong foothold in the industry, admits that this recognition has made him want to achieve even greater heights.

“I think when you get success, you get greedier for more. Every time I get greedy I go and achieve more. Is greed a bad emotion? When I am achieving more, am I not creating more opportunities for others to work?” says Arjun.

Arjun, who so far was known as a director’s actor, seems to have achieved a position where he takes the leverage to change a screenplay according to what he feels would make a given story more interesting. He reveals that he had worked with director Sudhir Mishra to make Inkaar, a supposedly better film.

“I worked on the script and screenplay for three months. When it came to me, it seemed very linear. I found it very predictable. So we spent a lot of time working on it and shape it according to how we want the film to be,”says Arjun.

Inkaar is about a mentor and his protégé (played by Arjun and Chitrangda Singh respectively) and the changing power game that leads to a case of sexual harassment. Arjun also reveals that it’s a very complicated subject in terms of screenplay. “The whole story spans seven years and keeps going back and forth. It’s about these two characters and how much they have changed over the period,” says Arjun.

The film will hit theatres on January 18.