Govinda resumes shooting for Mundhra's Naughty At 40


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Putting an end to all speculation regarding the future of his project with Jagmohan Mundhra, Govinda resumed shooting for Naughty At 40 this week.

"It was never Govinda's fault that the shooting had halted. We had some production problems which have now been sorted out. Govinda has never been troublesome. For a 3pm shift, he arrives at 2.30 pm."

Mundhra feels it's time the industry realized they're in the throes of a recession. "Actors within the industry have realized it, and are working accordingly. There're reports of how Govinda has been troubling my project Naughty At 40. But the truth is that the project being in trouble has nothing to do with Govinda. On the contrary he has been unfailingly disciplined and punctual."

The shooting now takes place in Punjab. Says Mundhra, "We shoot for twenty-five days and the film is done. The days of stretching a film and its budget are over. Stars now need to cut their prices and give their dates at a stretch. It's the only way to work."