Govinda brings positive changes in Upen's life


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Jan 24 (IANS) Upen Patel, who stars in "Money Hai To Honey Hai" with Govinda, says working with the actor has changed his perspective on life.

"Working with Govinda has just changed my whole perspective to life. During the shooting of 'Money Hai...' in Mauritius, Govinda became the elder brother I never had," Upen, who starred in films like "36 China Town" and "Shakalaka Boom Boom", told IANS.

He added: "Who says this industry is filled with opportunists and cut-throat competitors? When I came from London, I had nothing but my dreams. I met people like Suneel Darshan and Abbas-Mustan, who gave me my two breaks. And now there is Govinda from whom I have learnt about comic timing and also how to speak Hindi properly."

In all his films so far even in "Namastey London", in which he played a London-based NRI, a professional dubbing artiste dubbed Upen's lines. But now, thanks to Govinda's minute ministrations, Upen was able to speak in his own voice on screen. If all goes well, Upen might even persuade Govinda to guide him personally during the dubbing of "Money Hai To Honey Hai".

"Govindaji is doing another film 'Lucky 2' with me. So I'm getting to spend more time with him, talk to him and imbibe his speech patterns, all over again. Govinda and Manoj Bajpai, both are with me in 'Money Hai...', the best learning experience I've had in the industry."

Didn't Govinda get the title changed from "Run Bhola Run" to "Lucky 2"?

"I believe so. He plays Bhola. So if he has changed the title to something less self-serving, it only goes to show his generosity of spirit," Upen said.

Govinda is impressed with Upen and says the young actor has a lot of potential.

"I wouldn't mind helping him out. It's great fun to work with all these youngsters like Tusshar Kapoor and Upen Patel. They're so energetic and focused," Govinda said.