Govinda’s Naughty At 40 in legal wrangle


By Hindustan Times

Two years after its launch, Govinda’s Naughty At 40 has run into trouble again. This time, producer Sandip Kapoor has taken co-producer Anuj Sharma to court and obtained a second injunction against the release of the film helmed by Jagmohan Mundra. Regretting his decision of making a co-production with Sharma, Kapoor says, “Despite an agreement to open a joint account among other things, Anuj never kept his commitment. I was suing him even while the first schedule was on in London, but Govinda and Jagmohan dissuaded me. They assured me that they’d reason with Anuj.”

When things didn’t work out, Kapoor sued Sharma in the Delhi High Court and even obtained a stay against his involvement in the film. Ruling in the latter’s favour, the court granted an injunction against Sharma, ordering him to pay the money he owed to the former in six months.

Seeing Sharma’s predicament, Kapoor says he granted him an additional three months to pay up. Meanwhile, at the behest of Govinda and Mundra, Kapoor applied for a vacation of the stay on Sharma to complete the film.

“But neither Anuj nor his lawyer appeared in court. Instead, he announced plans of releasing the film on December 17. So I filed for another injunction, which the honourable court granted to me,” says Kapoor, who is tired of waiting for two and a half years. He adds that he’s only waiting for another week.

“If I don’t get my money, I’ll file another case against Anuj — for cheating, breach of contract and breach of trust,” reiterates the producer. Anuj Sharma was unavailable for comment.