Got a new TV show idea? Disney will make it!


New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) The Disney network of channels in India has announced a new contest called 'Pitchkiaow!' seeking new show ideas for kids to promote creative talent in the television business.

Being organised by the Disney network of channels (Disney Channel, Disney XD and Hungama TV) in partnership with online network, the event will be held March 11 at IMAX, Wadala in Mumbai.

"This initiative is a step towards encouraging and inspiring new talent in India to showcase their creativity, original ideas and give them a strong a platform to bring it all alive," Natasha Malhotra, vice president and general manager, Walt Disney Television International India, said in a statement.

"The Disney network is committed to promoting Indian stories and local talent. We are proud of this step and are certain that 'Pitchkiaow!' will be the nurturing ground for good talent and content ideas in line with Disney's storytelling values of fun, optimism, decency, community, quality and innovation," she added.

According to the contest, anyone who has an original idea for an animation concept or for live action for a kid's TV show that fits with the brand promise of the network's three channels will be invited to the online screening process to participate at 'Pitchkiaow'.

The winner of the pitch will win a grant of Rs.500,000 to develop their idea into production with an ultimate aim of creating a series that could exclusively air on the network.

Contestants can win two development grants both for animation and live action in any format -- long form, short form, fiction or non-fiction. The entries will be judged on uniqueness and originality of the concept.

The closing date to register for the event is March 5. Interested participants can register online at

All valid and selected entries contesting for the winning spots will be required to make a five minute presentation of their idea to a panel of senior Disney executives subject to submission and acceptance of requisite forms and releases.