Goodness always wins over evil in Subhash Ghai's films!


By Esha Razdan, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Subhash Ghai, the Masterstroke filmmaker, has always lived up to the label of being a 'Showman'. A sample of his films like Karma, Ram Lakhan, Khalnayak etc…serve as an exemplary case-study to (t)his title. Apart from the fact that all his films boast of a mega star cast and the fact that most of them are super-hits, yet another common factor binds them all together. And that happens to be the 'Theme' of his films, which brings out the real essence of his films (or should we say the real essence of Mukta Arts- his famous production company). The theme of his films happen to be 'The win of goodness over evil', something that is touched upon yet again in his latest venture Black and Whitewhich released last Friday (Mar 7). An optimistic-driven Ghai justifies "I don't believe in dark films. Positivity is in my personality." Bollywood Hungama proudly presents a sample case study of the positivity that knits all of the Showman's films.

Karma: Now, that's the most sensitive piece of work straight from the heart of the veteran director. Ghai displays the crude reality of what one pays for his sincerity and patriotism. Little did Jailer Vishwanath Pratap Singh (Dilip Kumar)'s know that his one slap to Dr. Michael Deng (Anupam Kher) would turn his life upside down. His two sons are murdered and one crippled by Dr. Deng and his army, leaving his wife Rukmani (Nutan) dumbstruck with shock. Singh hires three prisoners facing a death sentence- Baiju Thakur (Jackie Shroff), Johny/Gyaneshwar (Anil Kapoor), and a former terrorist Khairuddin Kishti (Naseeruddin Shah) to avenge the death of his loved ones by killing Dr. Deng. 'Mission Deng' brings about a great deal reformation in the three men for good who then destroy the evil world of Dr Deng.

Ram Lakhan: Ram Lakhan surely rules the roost and how! It portrays an unbeatable win of goodness over evil. Ghai's flawless endeavor to handle such a delicate relationship between two brothers is mind-blowing! Added to that is the ever-so-principled Rakhee, who wants her sons (Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor) to fight their evil uncle (Amrish Puri) who had destroyed her family. Unfortunately, destiny has something else in store for the over-ambitious Anil (Lakhan), who falls into the dirty trap of Sir John (Raza Murad) and Bhishambar Nath (Amrish Puri) who use him as a trump card to against his own brother Ram (Jackie), a police-officer to fulfill their selfish ends. How Ram frees his brother Lakhan from the clutches of the evil-magnets around him and how the two brothers fight the villain camp and take revenge on their mother's behalf, makes the film an interesting watch!

Khalnayak: Behind every successful man, is a woman! One might wonder as to what has that got to do with goodness winning over evil? The ever-so-gorgeous Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) gets her hands on Ballu (Sanjay Dutt) when he escapes from the tight security prison to return to his gang leader Roshi Mahanta (Pramod Muthu) and thus, brings disgrace to her love interest, a courageous and honest police-officer Ram (Jackie Shroff). The 'Khalnayak' makes many hearts go flutter-flutter even with his malice! However, his heart surrenders to the beautiful and intelligent Ganga, who after discovering the good side of his, starts respecting him which he misunderstands as love. And, he then starts going through a transformation. Destiny then takes him back to his mother Aarti Prasad (Rakhee). However, fate has something else in store for him since Ram happens to locate him and Ballu assumes that his mother betrayed him. He is again compelled to take the shelter of his mentor Roshi Mahanta with the help of Ganga who leaves no stones unturned to save him from police and ends up in jail for treason. A series of all these events bring out a new man in Ballu as he surrenders himself to the law.

Saudagar: Subhash Ghai paints the beautiful canvas of relationships with such conviction that goodness inevitably takes over malevolence. Ghai's direction coupled with the brilliant performances of Dilip Kumar and Rajkumar literally moves you at times. The eternal friendship between Dilip Kumar (Bir Singh) and Rajkumar (Rajeshwer Singh) becomes the victim of misunderstandings created by circumstances with some evil minds adding fuel to fire. In between this conflict, the innocent blooming love between Vasu (Vivek Mushran) and Radha (Manisha Koirala) slowly melts the hearts of their respective grandfathers, who initially couldn't bear the sight of each other. Thus, the beauty of love and friendship outshines the darkness of cruelty and malice.

Good Boy Bad Boy: The Showman's vision was exemplified with the same delicacy but with a 'Tadka' of humour in it by writer-director Ashwini Choudhary. Call it their destiny or sheer coincidence, but the two poles-apart protagonists Tusshar Kapoor (Raj), an absolute nerd and Emraan Hashmi (Raju), a 'Pakka' Casanova happen to step into each other's shoes. Now, how does this confusion reform their lives forever is rather interesting. Emraan finally, changes his ways when Isha Sharwani (Rashmi) comes into his life.

Black & White: Black & White marks Ghai's comeback as a director after a gap of three years. The visionary film-maker yet again pens down his beloved thought with a different blend. The contemporary nature of the film dealing with the issue of terrorism makes it an interesting watch. Anil Kapoor (Rajan Mathur) is a professor residing in Delhi's Chandni Chowk locality along with his activist wife, Shefali Shah (Roma Mathur). They happen to give shelter to a suicide bomber Anurag Sinha (Numair Qazi) who disguises himself as a victim of communal riots in Gujarat. The love and affection of the dwellers of Chandni Chowk shake his conscious and bring about a complete transformation in his life.