Goodluck and Superstar with Jab We Met


By IndiaFM

Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met has evoked-n-provoked a hell lot of curiosity. So, when you fill-in the theatres this weekend to watch this groovy tale from Mumbai to Bhatinda to Manali etc. gear up for promos of a couple of diametrically opposite films. First up is Aaditya Dutta’s Goodluck. Supposedly a comedy, it all starts with an innocuous lip-lock between bikini-friendly Sayali Bhagat and ‘Family’ star Aryeman. Archie Puran Singh tells poor Bhagat that by kissing the hulky hunk, she has transferred her goodluck to him. And the only way of getting it back is by kissing Mr Macho Lips once again. What luck man!It is a perfect excuse for simpering-n-cuddly Sayali to dirty herself on Gorai-beach-like location wearing teeny weeny dresses wooing Mr Desirable. As the news of lucky-lips percolates, many more suitors in a hungry-kya mode chase the hairy hero. The sight of a man planting a full-on kiss on Aryeman’s lips in a Priyadarshan-film-climax scene is gross to say the least. The promo also boasts of an “above all” Lucky Ali but one gets no clue as to what this talented singer is doing in the film. The music isn’t exciting either. Considering Aaditya’s first film (Aashiq Banaya Aapne) was a milestone as far as its music was concerned, it seems to be a disappointment.

The other promo is that of Rohit Jugraj’s Superstar. This finds talented Kunal Khemu in a double role flexing his biceps like he has never done before. On the mean streets of a big city one is in search of the million buck fame of the film world while the other one has his own agenda and how he helps the other in his pursuit of happiness. To be honest, at times there’s a bit of confusion as to who is whom. Never mind. When Khemu holds the mike in a Frank Sinatra tilted style with a hat on top, there’s an aura that makes you sigh in the darkness of a movie theatre…here’s a star to watch out for!

Superstar promo does evoke a round of applause for Kunal Khemu whose sculpted-n-chiselled look is definitely praiseworthy. But as they say in films these days…Picture abhi baaki hai…We’d say…Poori Picture abhi aani baaki hai…What do you say!