Go, go Govinda!



Mumbai, April 27 -- Govinda sure is in the news a lot these days. From singing for a film with Yash Raj Films, titled Kill Dil, to judging a TV show, the actor has been rather busy these last two weeks.

He says, "The fact that I waited for good people has worked for me. Things happen when talented artistes reach the right places. All my contemporaries have worked with Yash Raj except me. It's good that I got this chance now."

Reportedly, Govinda was approached for Karan Johar's next directorial venture, Shuddhi, but things didn't work out. He says, "I don't want to comment on Karan's film. We both have earned our reputations after years of hard work and to discuss projects that didn't materialise is unnecessary as it harms our careers."

Though the actor is eagerly waiting for the remake of Avatar, directed by Pahlaj Nihalani, he is also excited about the prospect of working with his good friend Salman Khan once again. But it is a TV show that has thrilled him to no end.

He says, "I felt I was successful as an actor, as a star and a politician, but I was unable to associate myself with the fashion world. It was one aspect that I never thought of improving on either. So when these guys approached me, I thought they were mocking me (laughs). But after serious talks, I liked the concept, which is why I agreed."