'Girls on Facebook want to be friends with me': Rajat Barmecha (Udaan)


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 14 -- Rajat Barmecha can count the days to Udaan's release on his fingers, but he still can't put the feeling into words. His performance in the movie, which became the first Indian movie to be screened in the 'A Certain Regard' category of the Cannes Film Festival, has earned him rave reviews.

"I met Shekhar Kapoor and Nagesh Kukunoor at Cannes and they were very encouraging. Many Hollywood producers were also asking Anurag (Kashyap) about me, it was so motivating," the 21-year-old says. The Delhi boy quells rumours about parallels between his own background and that of his character, Rohan, who wants to pursue his dreams but is stopped by his strict father. "My father has always been supportive. He's an even bigger movie buff than me," claims Barmecha.

Across the table, father Narendra nods his confirmation. "Where I grew up, there were no theatres. Sometimes, I would travel 300 kilometres to watch six-eight movies at a stretch. I always wanted him to do something hatke and now he's done me proud," he gushes.

Was Rohan a very challenging character to play? "It was difficult because I had nothing in common with him. Vikram (Motwane) gave me a lot of books and DVDs to refer to. I watched the movies, enjoyed them and then, did my own thing. I didn't even touch the books!" he laughs.

Slapped for real

To effectively portray Rohan's strained relationship with his on-screen father, Ronit Roy, Barmecha recalls how he got slapped for real! "Vikram wanted to portray it in a real way, so I got slapped a lot. Once, I got slapped when it wasn't even scripted, and my shock translated so well on camera! Vikram was rolling on the floor laughing after that," he recalls.

Once Udaan releases, Barmecha says he is "blank" about his future plans. "There are a couple of scripts I've looked at but I won't commit to anything till I've gauged the response to Udaan," he says. Ahead of the release, Barmecha is garnering plenty of female attention. "I'm not used to being checked out like that. Girls on Facebook want to be friends with me in real life," he smiles. "I don't mind the attention!"