A Gift for Diwali


By IndiaFM

Subhash K Jha finds out what the film industry wants to get and give this festive season:

Ranbir Kapoor: "Since Diwali coincides with the release of Saawariya what better gift to mankind than my debut film (grins). For myself I want Saawariya to be the grand success that it deserves to be. More immediately I wouldn't mind loads of clothes and new phone this Diwali (the one I just bought is troubling me).

Bipasha Basu: "What would I like for Diwali? I'd like people to come and see John and me in Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. It's really turned out well. As for me, I want to see people around me smiling. I'll make sure I don't give anyone any reason to frown this Diwali."

Manoj Bajpai: "I won't be home for Diwali. But I'd like my wife Neha to buy some jewellery for herself.

Perizaad Zorabian: "I've just been blessed with an adorable bundle of joy. What better gift could I hope for? I want everyone in the world to be blessed with a baby. No happiness equals that."

Suniel Shetty: "I want to gift good health and comfortable space to those who are associated with me personally. I want to create more wellness in the country and I'd like to build health centers. Me? I already have everything. Bahut diya dene wale ne mujhko.

Iqbal Khan: "I won't be working on Diwali, and that's the best gift I can give myself and my wife. Besides that I'll pray to God to give me loads of happiness. I'd like to wish the same for all the people who matter to me. Insha Allah.

Lilette Dubey: "I'd love to gift all those people who work for me with something they really need and send something to some charity associations as well. Me? I'd love to get a small alpha romeo ha ha…"

Sammir Dattani: "I know everyone says they want peace and happiness. I'm a little more materialistic. I've been eyeing the Play Station 2 for some time now. I wish someone who really loves me will read this and take the hint.

Suneel Darshan: "The two scripts that I'm currently writing are my humble gifts to myself. Hopefuly the love and acceptance that these two films will get would be the gift that I get from them.

Arshad Warsi: "The only Diwali gift I want is for my films to do well. As for my friends and family, they can have whatever they like. Jaan haazir hai.

Nandana Sen: "The one gift that I'd like to give and receive this Diwali is more time to spend with my mother."

Shilpa Shetty: "On Saturday it was my first show of Miss Bollywood in England. All shows here are full. What better Diwali gift can I hope for? If I can familiarize even a fraction of the western world with Bollywood I've gotten the best gift I could hope for.

Randeep Hooda: "Love, love and love. That's what I need for Diwali and that's what I need to give also. And why only for Diwali? I need it for Holi, Christmas and Eid as well. Any takers?

Mona Singh: "For Diwali I want all my near and dear ones to be hale hearty and happy and hiccup-free. Me? Just watching them smile makes me happy. Isn't that sweet? Yeah and I want my entire career plans to materialize soon.

Rohit Roy: "Since this year I've turned producer and director, the one thing that I want is quality -work in both capacities. And I want my first directorial venture Rice Plate to be appreciated.

Koena Mitra: "I've got special Ganeshji pendants made for my friends and staff. I'll send these with mithai. I love candles and can't receive enough of them. I love giving and getting gifts during Diwali. In fact I got lots of gifts this Diwali and didn't mind at all (wink). But please, no sweets for me!

Amrita Arora: "I'll be gifting my dad a laptop for Diwali. I don't know what I'll be getting, though."

Prashant Raj: "The best gift I can get this Diwali is a good film with a good director. And I'd like to get a good fire extinguisher. To put out the pataake ki aag.

Ravi Kissan: "Gold is considered auspicious for Diwali I'd like to receive some gold for Diwali. I want to gift Laxmiji's idols and gold coins to close friends. And I'll pray for all those who matter in my life.

Mahesh Bhatt: "I'd love to gift my wife Soni Razdan a script this Diwali. She's directing a film for UTV and I'm working on the script. And I want EMI to gift me with a hat-trick of hits for our production house.

Sophie Chowdhary: "I just bought my dream home. So now two things remain. My dream role and even tougher, my dream man. Anyone wants to gift me that? As for giving I believe in giving as good as I get.

Dino Morea: "Without meaning to sound righteous, I'd like to gift a poor family something to make this Diwali brighter."

Priyanka Chopra: "My family and I are supposed to move into our new home. Unfortuately the home couldn't be ready on Diwali. But we'll be moving by month-end and that's Diwali gift enough for us. Jahan pe basera ho diwali wohi hain.

Kalpana Lajmi: "I want nothing more than good health for my dear friend Bhupenda (Hazarika) this Diwali.