Get a six-pack like Emraan!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 25 -- Considering Murder catapulted Emraan Hashmi to fame, its sequel is extra special to him. The actor says director Mohit Suri wanted him to sport a very athletic look in the film. "Mohit wanted me to sport a six-pack and look slightly beefed-up," he says.

To achieve this, his fitness trainer, Pravin Tokas, who has been his trainer since Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (2010), helped him first lower his body fat percentage. Pravin says, "We did a lot of functional and endurance training to get this sporty look. While we wanted Emraan to beef up, we had to be careful to avoid the beefcake heavy look." He adds, "The function training took his stamina to a different level, and it helped that he was on a healthy diet. The result is there for all to see."

Interestingly, the actor will soon ditch his six-pack for a paunchy frame for Dibakar Banerjee's Shanghai. The actor reveals, "I have already started putting on weight. All the things that Pravin didn't allow me to eat during the training for Mohit's film I can now gorge on for a brief span. I am enjoying my ice-creams."