Gerard Butler: 'I will surely meet my Bollywood buddies'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec. 9 -- Two years ago, Shah Rukh Khan threw a party for Gerard Butler when he was in Mumbai. So did Priyanka Chopra, and he kept proposing to her in jest, even though she was allegedly dating Shahid Kapoor at that time.

This August, when PC was in LA to record her music album, she even stayed at Gerard's Beverly Hills villa as it afforded her more freedom. And as for her 'good friend', he can't wait to return to India: "I love your country, whenever I speak about it, I get knots in my stomach. It's like a second home and I just need a reason to be back. There's so much to do, see and experience in India. I'll surely meet my Bollywood buddies and have a ball. They're some of the warmest people I know."

Calling Aamir Khan's Lagaan (2001) fantastic, he says, "I was almost part of the film." There were also reports of him playing one of Priyanka's husbands in Vishal Bhardwaj's Saat Khoon Maaf (2011), but Gerard insists he is yet to make his Bollywood debut. "I'd love to be part of one (Bollywood film), but there are no concrete plans at the moment.

A couple of years ago, Priyanka had shown me the promo of Kaminey (2009), it was edgy, sharp and amazing!" For now there's Machine Gun Preacher that's releasing this Friday, the true story of Sam Childers, a reformed drug-dealer-turned bornagain Christian, who built an orphanage and fought for the Lord's Resistance Army in Sudan.

"Sam's lived so many lives that it felt like we were shooting two films in two different continents and I was playing two different characters," says Gerard, adding, "But the incredible thing about his story is that no matter how dramatic and unbelievable it is, everybody can still identify with him." He doesn't do drugs, so what's Gerard's poison? "I'm addicted to anxiety," he chuckles. "Like I might call some friends to discuss what to do one night, end up