George Clooney: 'Delhi was nice'


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Nov. 17 -- As India turns a hotspot for Hollywood stars, actor George Clooney, 50, can't get over his visit to Delhi a few years ago. "The people were warm and hospitable," he reminisces. "I interacted with the officials at the Defence Ministry, under a UN peacekeeping assignment. I really enjoyed my stay in your capital city and would love to visit again ... but I'm not sure if I'm coming back soon," he says.

Clooney returns as producer, director and writer to live the life of Democratic Governor Mike Morris, who is gearing up for the Ohio primary elections, in Ides of March. A win here would book him a place in the White House.

Clooney, as a Democrat, had campaigned for Barack Obama in the 2008 elections and admits that he's seen deals being fixed all the time. "Ninety five per cent of those who win elections are the ones with the money, and a scandal is not uncommon," he sighs, pointing out that Obama brought with him a wave of hope and suddenly a film about corruption at the heart of political ambition didn't make sense anymore. "So we let a year and a few months pass and soon people started disliking the politicians again. And the time was right for Ides Of March."

Prod him on whether he'll back Obama when he seeks re-election or enters politics, setting himself up as a presidential candidate, and the Hollywood star insists there's little likelihood of that: "Politicians are much smarter and it's nicer where I am. My father ran for Congress, my grandfather was a mayor and politics runs in the family. But I've seen some of the bad parts of it too. Let me tell you a political office is not much fun."

So how much like Morris is Clooney? "Morris is determined, smart, popular and in his heart, wants to do good. We can confidently draw some similarity there!"