Genelia D'Souza: Win! Win! Win!

New Delhi, July 1 -- Sometimes nostalgia hits you when you're in the strangest of places. I'm having such a moment right now in an unlikely place. Surrounded by people, music, I'm at the CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Awards.

And suddenly I'm transported back to school - the auditorium with the slightly uncomfortable chairs and wooden shutters and red velvet drop-down curtains. The winners for an elocution competition are being announced and I'm on the edge of my seat, wondering if my name will be called out. Finally it is - "And First Place in Elocution goes to Genelia D'Souza!" Those were the days when competition did not matter - only winning or losing did.

Just like a race wherein nobody remembers the failed attempts, but everybody glorifies the ones who crossed the finish line in time.