Genelia D'Souza: Here's my bucket list!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, June 24 -- Last night, I decided to not do anything at all. Doing nothing usually means flipping channels on the TV and I found myself gravitating towards the sports channels. Caught the Brazil v/s Nigeria match, and I was taken aback by the crashing, pounding energy that not just the players, but the entire stadium seemed to exude.

The resounding vuvuzelas, the team colours flashing everywhere, the tensed pacing of the coaches and the passion of the players - I so want to experience all of this LIVE! I want to be a part of this picture, feel the excitement and cheer myself hoarse supporting my team (I'm caught between England and Argentina by the way).

I want to see the FIFA World Cup live at least once in my lifetime. Considering I missed this one, the year 2014 when it happens again, is what I've my heart set upon. But then, there are so many things that I want to do before time runs out on me. So here goes my Bucket List - Things to do before I breathe my last!

This is definitely pushing the envelope as far as 'impossible', but I've never shied away from dreaming. So my line-up would include Ronaldo, Messi, Cannavaro, Casillas, Drogba, Rooney, Terry, Beckham, Zidane, Klose and Kaka.

Skydive! So many of my friends have done it and have come back raving about its thrill factor. I too want to feel the lash of the wind against my face, my freefalling body and the sight of the earth rushing at me with breakneck speed.

Visit the seven Ancient Wonders of the world! That's a trip that would literally make me a part of history! Drive down from Manali to Leh! The astounding beauty of this drive is legendary and I definitely want to have this apparent 'life-altering' experience.

Buy myself a beach-side mansion in Malibu! Swim with dolphins! It's my childhood fantasy. Act in a film opposite Leonardo DiCaprio! Phew! This list might just never end. And I pray that it doesn't because it is exciting to have something to look forward to.