Genelia d' Souza: Right here, right now


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, June 3 -- In a matter of moments' is a phrase that sounds so plain on the surface. But close your eyes and pause for a second and you'll realise how these five words can signify terrific excitement as well as utter devastation.

'In a matter of moments' you realise how fickle life is, how untamed fate is and how everything can be lost in minutes. 'In a matter of moments' you can go from a peaceful traveller about to fall asleep to someone shocked, and petrified by the carnage of an accident. Makes you wonder about life, doesn't it?

After reading about the Mangalore plane crash and following the irreparable loss of lives on the TV, it was unnerving to realise that no matter how cocooned a life I live, tragedy can strike without a second's notice. 'In a matter of moments' you can go from a lively, exuberant individual to a lifeless, unmoving mass. And this applies to ALL of us. Not a single person is spared from the unpredictable flights of fate.

Remember 26/11? Didn't we all imagine Mumbai to be impenetrable, a fortress? We were proud to be the carefree, laidback Mumbaikars. But tragedy struck us in the very heart of our beloved city. And loss of lives never seems to abate. What do we do in that case? Pray and keep the flame of hope burning? YES!

But also... Don't procrastinate on Love, especially on Love! Live each day to the fullest, as if it is your last! Do whatever makes you happy. Say 'I Love You' to whoever means the most to you a hundred times a day. Hug your parents. Take your kids to the park and laugh to your hearts' content. Earn less, and smile a lot.

Don't miss out on even an iota of LIFE...don't just stop to smell the roses, buy some for your loved ones and revel in simple joys. Coz' all it takes for everything to go up in smoke is 'a matter of moments'.