Geeta Basra goes one up on Shilpa Shetty!


Author : After Hours Correspondent

ITV invites her to London for a special interview

Geeta Basra's last film 'The Train' might have sunk without trace but

the girl is thrilled to bits as she has just received an offer to appear for an

interview on the most prestigious channel in UK, ITV.

Geeta, who hails from the UK says, "I couldn't believe my luck. They

got in touch with my parents who are in the UK to request my appearance

on their extremely popular morning show - it has had big names like Tom

Cruise and Catherine Zeta Jones appearing on it. It's a huge honour."
However, Geeta is trying to figure out the date when she can appear on the

show. She says, "I've committed my dates but I am trying to get at least

two days out to fly to London for this. I am sure I will be able to manage it

soon." Surprisingly even Shilpa Shetty who is currently UK's darling has

not been invited for this show yet.

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