Gauri Khan is angry with SRK!


By Hindustan Times

Gauri Khan is rather miffed with her husband Shah Rukh Khan these days. She isn't very happy with the way SRK has been behaving. What has SRK done to be at the receiving end of his wife's wrath?

Well, the reason is that King Khan has apparently been neglecting his health for a while now. The actor, who has been traveling a lot and on a rather hectic schedule has apparently not been taking adequate rest. Well, the time difference is also to blame.

“I know that I am traveling too much these days, I am shuttling between time zones and continents. I do lose track of time once in a while, but I don’t ever get sick because of jet-lag. Everybody complains of sleep issues due to excessive travel, but I’ve yet to experience that,” says SRK.

GauriGuess how many hours Shah Rukh Khan sleeps? He reportedly sleeps for some three-four hours and that's not all. The actor believes it's enough!

“Yes, three-four hours of sleep is just enough for me. Besides, it’s me who has chosen this kind of life. So like everything, it will have its share of good and bad things that it brings along. And I couldn’t thank God enough for the kind of life he has given me,” told Shah Rukh to

Wife Gauri is understandably perturbed. In fact the family seems to have devised a way to make sure SRK gets his siesta.

“When I’m at home, nobody wakes me up. They switch off the alarms and don’t wake me up till I am up myself. So once in a while I do get to catch up on sleep, thanks to her,” he said.

Well, SRK better mend his ways or as they say, "...Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"