Gauri ignores Priyanka at SRK's bash


By Hindustan Times

Reports about Gauri Khan being upset with SRK's close friend Priyanka Chopra were not paid too much heed by media. But a fresh round of gossip has tongues wagging. Apparently Gauri Khan and her friends gave a royal ignore to Priyanka Chopra at SRK's Eid bash. An eyewitness present at SRK's Eid party told a news daily that hostess Gauri Khan and all her friends ignored Priyanka Chopra.

Says the insider, "At one point, when Hrithik went to greet her, Gauri came and pulled him away to join another group. PC was pointedly left alone."

Why was Priyanka invited in the first place? Answers the source, "It would've been too obvious to suddenly drop her from the guest list. But the point was made, and now may be Priyanka will stay away from Mannat even if she is invited."

Will this mean an end to Priyanka-SRK friendship? We doubt it!