Gangnam singer Psy to play Prabhudheva’s part?


By Hindustan Times

Dance knows no language barriers and it looks like ABCD — Any Body Can Dance, isn’t a hit only in India. So much so that a South Korean production house has contacted the film’s makers, UTV Motion Pictures, to buy its rights for a remake.

The production house is approaching Psy, of the horse-trotting ‘Gangnam style’ fame, to play Prabhudheva’s role in the remake. An industry insider reveals, “A leading South Korean production house is really fascinated with the film and the response it’s been gathering. They want to get the rights of the movie.” The insider adds that Psy was the name that the South Korean company thought of to play the lead role.

The insider says, “After ‘Gangnam style’, Psy has become a rage worldwide. And naturally, the company wants to cash in on his

So are the makers of ABCD considering the offer? The insider says, “They definitely are. Nothing has been finalised as yet. They are currently busy with the Berlin International Film Festival, where their film, Kai Po Che has just premiered. When they return, the team will have a discussion at length about this offer. If the money offered by the South Korean production house is good, they will consider it.”

The insider further adds that if the deal is cracked, it will be a huge achievement for the film, which was made on a budget of just Rs. 12 crore.

Despite repeated attempts, UTV head honcho, Siddharth Roy Kapur, who is currently in Berlin, could not be contacted.
Psy broke on to the international pop scene with his hit song last year. His popular moves have been mimicked by famous personalities around the world including Novak Djokovic, Sebastian Vettel, Britney Spears and the West Indies cricket team. The video currently has over 1.3 billion views on YouTube.