Gaga's Indian sitarist


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 8 -- Pop icon Lady Gaga may have enthralled everyone on her maiden visit to India, but it was the sound of the Indian sitar that impressed her the most. For her performance at the Formula One after-party, the singer asked Delhi sitarist, Fateh Ali to play with her.

"My name was suggested by Shubha Mudgalji to the organisers. I was informed about it just two days prior to the final performance," says Ali proudly. So, how did it feel to perform with a star of Gaga's fame? "She took a keen interest in Indian classical music. She called me for rehearsals a day before the performance and we had a great practice session. She even ensured that only we were in the rehearsal room so that we could concentrate better," he says.

Ali adds that Gaga was so intrigued by the sitar that she said she would love to play it herself one day. "She is a genuinely humble person. It was flattering that she announced my name on the stage just before our performance. She even noticed the crystals I've got pasted on my sitar and said she'd do the same to her instruments," he says.

For now, Ali is looking forward to collaborating with Gaga again. He says, "I gifted her my music CD and she's promised that whenever she is back she'll play with me."