Freida Pinto gets socially active!



Mumbai, June 14 -- In spite of her generally reticent behaviour with the media, Freida Pinto doesn't fail to make it to the international magazines, thanks to her glamourous looks.

But now, the Mumbai girl has finally decided to share her thoughts, experiences and pictures, primarily for her fans, through social networking portals.

The actor, after resisting it for a long time, has finally created a Facebook page and also registered on Instagram (a photo sharing service). "Usually, Freida is a very private person but it's nice to see her actively engaging with her fans. She considers herself lucky that she has had such diverse experiences, and she would love to share them with other people," says a source close to her.

"Since she likes taking pictures to better illustrate her point of view, Freida has chosen more pictorial media like Instagram and Facebook," adds the source. So her experiences will include her awards shows attendances, happenings on her film's sets to attending high-end fashion events and concerts.

While Freida couldn't be reached for a comment, her spokesperson confirms this development. "Her online engagement will see Freida balancing her life as an actor and her charity work," says the spokesperson.