Freida denies moving in with Dev Patel

By Hindustan Times

She plays a rural peasant girl in her upcoming film, Trishna. But in real life, Freida Pinto is far from being a plain Jane. A few days ago, for instance, she was all over British papers for moving into a new $1.5 million rental home in Santa Monica with boyfriend Dev Patel.

But Freida, who’s in Goa for the International Film Festival of India, laughs it off, saying, “First of all, the figure of $1.5 million is a lie. The house costs a lot more and it belongs to my stylist.” The actor adds, “She and I had a laugh about it. Real estate agents would be laughing if someone told them a house in Santa Monica is available for $1.5 million. It’s impossible.”

But a UK tabloid carried their pictures claiming they were shifting belongings in to the house. “Yes, the boxes had my clothes in them, but let me clarify, Dev and I w