Forty producers, one film!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 5 -- Newbie director Sandeep Mohan has set a benchmark for independent filmmaking. Forty investors from 20 countries and 15 religions have funded his film Love Wrinkle Free. The debutant filmmaker, with the help of a blog and a website, connected with hundreds of moneyed people across the world before getting his 40 producers.

"The funds percolated from countries like Russia and Spain from people who didn't even know me. They had just seen the rushes and read the script online," says Sandeep. Love Wrinkle Free is a romantic comedy set in Goa. The cast includes Ash Chandler, Shernaz Patel, Seema Rahmani and Ashwin Mushran.

"I wanted professionals and not star faces," says Sandeep, who feels films like Raghu Romeo (2003) and I Am (2011) paved the way for him to gather funds through the web. It took the firsttimer eight months to get his r finances in order. "I didn't want to take the conventional route because professional a producers often intrude with creative work. Here, I have e the liberty to do what I want."

And how does he plan to repay his producers? Sandeep says, "The investments are small. If we manage to get distributors soon, we can release the film in cinemas by June. Otherwise, we'll have to release it on home video."