First look: Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroop


By Hindustan Times

The first look of Vishwaroop, an upcoming action thriller by Kamal Haasan, is out! The poster shows Kamal Haasan with a bright sky in the background. It shows symbolic elements also like a flying white bird. The poster evokes curiosity about the plot.

Vishwaroop, is a bilingual Tamil and Hindi spy thriller written, directed and co-produced by Kamal Haasan that features him in the lead. The film is disclosed to be on the lines of the Mission Impossible series.

Actor Kamal Haasan plays an army general in the film. Unlike most of the cast, he didn’t have to go through any major makeover for role. “He plays a general, so you do see injuries, but no prosthetic make-up has been applied on him,” says make-up artist Ritu Janjani.

Rahul Bose, who also stars in the film, has a negative role and had to undergo heavy prosthetic make-up.

Apparently, Bose’s character gets blown up during the war. “We had to use heavy prosthetic make-up to show his injuries after the explosion, such as a fallen jaw,” says Janjani. She adds: “Since it’s a war film, there are a lot of war victims covered in blood and gore, so we have to do lots of prosthetic hands, legs and teeth.”

The makers of the film have finished shooting the war sequence and are now filming abroad to complete the rest of it.