"Fashion is one of the most glamorous films made in Bollywood" - Kangna Ranaut


By Devansh Patel, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Kangna Ranaut, for me, is an overnight sensation. Many were jealous to the point of fury when she made her film debut in the Mahesh Bhatt camp, Gangster. Here's another good-looking bit of fluff stealing another prime role. But Kangna proved everyone wrong with her sheer talent. Hers is an extraordinary success story. Has any actor ever been as famous or desired without ever headlining a major picture? Just five films old, she has taken the world of Bollywood by storm. The woman's rise has been meteoric, to say the least. And, given the projects she has in the pipeline, it will only continue. She has not only impressed her director Madhur Bhandarkar but also her senior co-star Priyanka Chopra who says, "I had to prepare a lot physically to look like a model even though I am one but Kangna just slipped into it perfectly. She is the one to look out for in Fashion because it's her best performance to date". Going by the quote, it can be confidently said that this overnight sensation must be in the making over a decade. Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent Devansh Patel gets to know Kangna like she is - moody, confident and straight up in this quick haute couture interview.

We've never seen Kangna Ranaut so glamorous before. What say?
It's not about me being glamorous. Tomorrow I might play a de-glam girl, then what? But Fashion as a film is so glamorous that you mustn't have seen anything like this before in Bollywood.

You've worked the most with the Bhatt camp. How was it to work with the Bhandarkar camp for the first time? Any different?
Every director has his own way of presenting their movie and their story. Both Bhandarkar sir and Bhatt sir are good in their own ways. They both put in their own ways and they are just too good.

The other two, Priyanka and Mugdha have done professional modelling before. How was it for you to catwalk Kangna?
On the sets, there were many people from the fashion industry who helped me a lot. So did Priyanka and Mugdha. Ultimately, it was Madhur sir, my director, who made the final call.

So besides the script and I mean, besides the script, what else attracted you towards Fashion?
In this script my character is such that you get to express you emotions, emotions that you have never delivered before in front of the camera. So when I heard the script, it was something new and much more challenging, more interesting and exciting.

This is also the first time that you are not paired against any of the male lead. Did you miss your man?
Male lead does not really make a difference. The film is about these characters. It does not matter to me if any male or female actors are there opposite me.

The film is now been given an adult rating. Will this hamper the box office results?
I don't think so. Because even Life In A Metro was given an "A" certificate. But it does not matter. People see films and enjoy and I anyways don't think kids should watch movies, they should go and study.

What have you to say about the drugs scene in the film? These scenes were shown three decades ago in Hare Rama Hare Krishna too. So why such a fuss?
They had this whole book of rules and regulations and censor which I don't know why has made such a big deal about drugs? But it will only do good to the society, because we have shown the reality about drugs and I think people and especially youngsters should watch the film and know more about the consequences of drugs.

Tell us a bit about your exercise, food and fitness regime you had to undergo for your role in Fashion.
Fashion has been a little fluctuating. Since I was playing the role of a supermodel I had to be a bit careful with my diet. I was eating normally but less of carbs. But this is the best I've looked in any film so far. So don't be surprised!

There is not a single film where Kangna Ranaut doesn't shed her tears. Will Fashion be any different?
No comments on this question of yours.

Your films haven't really done well as far as the figures are concerned in the overseas. Do you think Fashion will be your first big commercial hit in the U.K?
Yeah, I think so. But to say that my films haven't worked in the U.K can't be right because Life In A Metro had it's lavish premiere in London and it did reasonably well. I am sure that Fashion will impress the critics and audiences in the U.K.

What is your style or fashion statement?
It basically depends on your state of mind. If you're in a good mood and if you are not wearing something good, you will still be able to carry it off. And if you're not in a good mood, no matter how good the clothes you're wearing, you will not look good. I think the most important thing about what you're wearing is that you should be comfortable with it.

The songs of Fashion are climbing up the charts. Which is your favourite song from the film and why?
No song is my favourite as such because all the songs depend on the mood and the situation in the movie. Songs of Fashion actually soothes your soul.

We all know that the casting couch prevails in the entertainment industry. Do you know of anyone who's gone through this worst experience off screen?
I am from the film industry and there is no such thing as casting couch. It does not exist. I do know people who have tried hard to get into the modeling world and the film industry and still have not made it but neither of them has ever gone through it. I want to know who spreads these rumors about casting couch. Even the media gives it hype and spoils the name of the industry. I definitely want to catch hold of this person who thinks he or she knows everything about the casting couch. This is such a big industry and it does not work on exploiting people sexually. It works on hard work and talent. So I really don't know when will people understand this?

What is the USP of Fashion?
Madhur Bhandarkar of course. It's his best work ever. Another National Award in the making for this great director.