Fashion Designer Gaviin Miguel speaks about his unique creations for top Bollywood stars


By Faridoon Shahryar, Bollywood Hungama News Network

"Sari is a very vulgar garment. It shows all your body contours. It can cover you but it all depends on how you wear it," says high profile Fashion Designer Gaviin Miguel who's the favourite designer for most of the top Bollywood heroines including Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif. In a freewheeling chat with Bollywood Hungama, Miguel talks about some of his favourite designs in the recent times and honestly answers queries that all you guys must be having with regards to what it takes to be fashionable. Also find out why he got an SMS from Piggy Chops at 3 am one fine day (or should we say night).

Why is Gaviin Miguel, who is a big name in the fashion industry not seen on the fashion week circuit and neither does he do much of fashion shows?
Why should I be seen, my clothes are seen that's more important. I unfortunately am not able to take part in fashion week because I have a business that is also running in Europe and in Dubai as well so I am really caught up. It's a lame excuse I know but I have really been tied up and I am a perfectionist when my work is concerned, so whatever I do I take full interest and focus on it with blinders on.

Your creation for Tabu in the Filmfare Awards recently was spoken about big time. What was the idea behind that particular dress?
I am a big Tabu fan. I never thought I would get a chance to design for her. I was doing this movie called Seasons Greetings where I've done the entire makeover for her and she gave me a call and said you know I have to go for this red carpet event. I was like ok let's do something for you so I decided to keep it simple. We chose the colour that wouldn't scream and I just worked on her body type, that's how the gown was created. I was really happy to do something for her and it worked well.

One of your creations for Atlantis in Dubai with Priyanka Chopra was fantastic. What was the brief that you were given?
I didn't intentionally do that differently from what I normally do. I was told that Priyanka had stylists from Paris for the Atlantis launch and even then she still called me and said 'could you send me a gown', I said I only had one that I am creating for you and I will send that for you. I was so proud she wore my gown. Everyone in media was crazy about the gown. I got a message at 3 am from her in the morning saying that the gown was a huge hit.

You're also called the favorite fashion designer for Priyanka. She has often spoken about you. What special camaraderie do you share with her?
I think it is her sensibility, her intelligence. I think she knows her body type, knows what she wants to wear. She often discusses things with me as we go through a lot of trial and error before we come up with something. The rapport I share with her is something since her Miss India days.

I believe you have also done something very interesting with Lara Dutta for YOU magazine
Yes YOU magazine is in collaboration with International Marriott and we started the magazine from India. We were searching for a person who will do the inaugural cover and we kept thinking. At that time I got Lara's number. She said 'Gavin I am just flying in and I am flying out again so if you take four hours of mine and I'm game'. The cover was just stunning. We had no alteration problem. We just did the entire cover like an Amazonian jungle and she was like the queen so she dressed up with her very nice long flowy gown and she standing on the bark of a tree in the midst of all animals. It's a fabulous cover

You've designed for Dhoom. Given a choice would you prefer doing a Dhoom or a Namesake?
I think I would take a Namesake because I would like to put my hand in real dressing. I think that's a bigger challenge then doing Dhoom. And then there's Tabu in it.

What have you done for Bipasha Basu?
Recently I have worked with Bipasha. We have done a lot of her personal event clothing and most of her shows that have happened in recent times. I have also done something very interesting for a movie called Pankh. I think wearing a Miguel is always a 99% success.

We've been hit by recession. How has it affected the fashion industry in terms of cost cutting?
I don't know. In terms of the kind of work I do, I don't encourage any kinds of cuts in budgets. I do what I want to do because no one else is going to give me a cut from my dealers so I stick to my rates. I don't think recession has hit in a way where everyone needs something or the other and I think if you tend to draw back you're only going to suffer yourself. So I do my job if I get a call for a job and if they say there's no budget I can not do it. But yes people who are very close to me in the industry if they ask me for a favour, then I would do it but otherwise I don't think I would.

What exactly is your job profile like in terms of when you are designing your clothes for any particular project?
To begin with first of all I must be interested in the project. Apart from that I am a very good listener so I would listen to the director or if there is a stylist on board. Then I give my inputs according to what I understand by the brief. I know whom I am designing for so I want to know what happens before the scene and what happens after. Then I get into designing the garment.

What have you done with Katrina Kaif in recent times?
I have just finished doing a few clothes for Katrina in this movie called Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. We have done a very, very stunning bridal gown for her. It's really heavy really big. It's something nice.

I believe you have done an advertisement for Hrithik Roshan recently…
Yes. It is very Hrithik and we have changed the way he generally looks. There is a change of look. It's like a makeover for him.

Finally what do you think is the meaning of 'Fashion Sense' for you and do you think Indians have it?
No, I don't think Indians have it. I think it is something that is inborn. Fashion is just getting born in this country now. I think the only thing that every Indian talks about is Sari but sometimes I even feel that Sari is a very vulgar garment. It shows all your body contours. It can cover you but it all depends how you wear it. I think the Sari is the only thing that you can talk about in this country, nothing else.