Fardeen Khan and Natasha: Aaja meri Nano mein..!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Mar. 10 -- Bonjour my blueberry cheesecakes! How goes it with you this subah-subah? I must admit the mausam is getting increasingly be-imaan by the day. Thanks to the gradually rising mercury, I'm already planning a trip to the cooler climes, to escape from this garma-garmi. Nonetheless, I'll continue to serve you your daily dose of hot and spicy gossip. Read on dahlings...

For a change, let me start the day with Fardeen Khan and his wife Natasha. Now, before you get any over-imaginative ideas, let me tell you this is the funniest thing I've heard about him. More so because he's such a suave and sophisticated man. Khair, Sher Lock Holmes recalls waiting for his car outside PVR multiplex in Juhu the other evening, when he spotted the Khan couple waiting for theirs. Within a few minutes, a Porsche SUV arrived and stopped in front of them.

Obviously, anyone would expect the Khan couple to get in and drive off, but instead, they continued talking to each other.

My super sleuth felt that they were probably waiting for someone, and would surely get in as soon as the person arrived. But pata hai kya? Fardeen and Natasha got into a silver grey Nano that stopped just behind the Porsche SUV... And zoomed off before anyone could wonder what happened.

Bas, aur kya? Sher Lock and his group of friends, who were waiting for their gaadi, just couldn't get over the actor's chhoti car and were laughing even long after they reached their homes. Really now!