Farah Khan wanted to marry at 21 years


New Delhi, June 8 -- Ace Bollywood choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan is thankful to her parents for having pushed her to focus on her career when she wanted to settle down and get married at 21.

Farah, who is currently judging a dance contest featuring moms says that the participants have made her nostalgic. "Seeing these young mothers on screen it makes me think that had I not gotten into Bollywood, I too would have been happily married and had kids by the time I was in my twenties," Farah shares.

But the choreographer who turned filmmaker with the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Om Shanti Om, says that she is thankful to her parents for their support and encouragement. "Had it not been for my parents, I would have definitely gotten married early. I too, had planned on getting married after turning 21, but it was my parents who asked m