Farah judges competition despite being unwell



Mumbai, May 9 -- Farah Khan is especially known in the industry to maintain her commitments. And recently, at the International Film Festival of Melbourne, she did just that. Despite being down with high fever, Farah sat down to judge a dance competition, as she had given her word to the organisers.

A source close to Farah says, "Farah was down with viral fever. But despite that, she judged the competition which was held outside, where the temperature was close to -1 degree Celsius."

Ask Farah about this and she says, "It was freezing and was very windy. Even our papers were flying off. However, the atmosphere there was so energetic and the crowd was so responsive that soon we forgot about the weather and the cold. Watching so many Australians performing to Bollywood numbers was heartening. This is really what the world loves about our films."

Incidentally, the group which won the competition performed to one of Farah's songs. "It comprised 12 foreigners - six girls and six boys. They did a salsa version of 'Sheila ki jawaani', which was a part of Farah's film and was co-choreographed by Geeta Kapoor," says the source.