Experimental 'Dus Kahaniyan' album will get noticed


By Meghna Menon

Album: "Dus Kahaniyan"; Music Director: Gourav Das Gupta, Shafqat Ali Khan, Anand Raj Anand, Bappa Lahiri; Singers: KK, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aanchal, Shweta Vijay, Sudhanshu Pandey, Mika, Shafqat Ali Khan, Anand Raj Anand, Panchi Jalonvi, Kshitij Tare; Rating: ***

Director Sanjay Gupta's "Dus Kahaniyan" is an experimental album where he brings on board different composers, lyricists and singers and ends up making a three-pack compilation.

Sudhanshu Pandey should definitely get noticed in "Aaja soniye" in which he croons along with Shweta Vijay to render an amazingly melodic track.

"Bhula diya" follows. It not only has Anand Raj Anand as the composer but also as the voice of the track. While the composition is pretty average, lyrics stand out, courtesy lyricist Ibrahim Ashq.An excellent track comes in the form of "Bin tum". With beautiful lyrics, the number boasts of a harmonious rendition by KK and Panchi Jalonvi. Their soulful crooning compliments the ghazal style music of the track superbly.

An outburst of energy, rhythm, tempo and great music is what one gets to hear in the title track, "Dus". Offering a complete six-minute duration of foot-tapping and head-swinging music, "Dus" is unconventional and bound to be a hit.

"Jaaniye" is a song rendered by female singers - Sunidhi and Aanchal pair up for the seductive and eerie track. Lyrics by Virag Mishra are fine, though Gourav Dasgupta's composition would remind one of the likes of "Zinda hoon main" from "Zinda" a lot.

"Kaala peela" belongs to a completely different genre - it has Sufi music as its essence. The combination of Sufi sounds with light rock beats and Shafqat Ali Khan's flawless rendition makes the song one of the best in the lot.

Bappa Lahiri has rendered the music for "Mushkil kushaa", a light, slow, melodic number with Kshitij Tare behind the mike. Panchi Jalonvi's lyrics are different from the conventional songs. Although the song seems to have a short life span, it may get noticed.

The time is ripe for Mika who strikes another hit with "Nachle soniye", a dance number. It may not be as good as Mika's earlier hits, but it definitely adds zest to the album.

"O maahiya" sees the return of KK but this time with Shweta Vijay. Electronic sounds give the track a different punch, though the number doesn't really stand out from the pack. Panchi's lyrics are also average.

Traditional Indian music, Sufi beats and emotions make their presence felt in "Vichodeya ne". Ambar Hoshiyarpuri's lyrics remind one of those typical Punjabi folk songs while Shafqat Ali Khan's rendition goes flawless for a second time in the album.

"Dus Kahaniyan" doesn't end up being a hotchpotch of different sounds unlike other experimental compositions. The different genres of music cater to every type of music lover to ensure that the album gets the money rolling in for the makers.