Everyone loves Bebo!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 1 -- Chalo, aage badhte hain! This party is not the only one that made news. I've heard from my temporary 'replacement' maid Sheila that after Imran Khan worshipping her, Kareena Kapoor has found an ardent admirer in the actor's biwi Avantika Malik.

It seems like the girls get along very well and love spending time together, whenever they have some. In fact, Avantika, at some social do, was even overheard telling someone that the only heroine she likes among her husband's co-stars is Kareena. Aur toh aur, suna hai that even producers are falling in love with Bebo.

Ever since the glimpses of her mujra number from Agent Vinod have come out, she has been offered many item numbers. However, the Heroine doesn't want to take any of them on because she wants to act and not just sing and dance. High time she does!