Everyone has Bollywood pals: Rachel Weisz


By Hindustan Times

She is an Academy award winner and the better half of James Bond star Daniel Craig, But would you believe what’s occupying Hollywood actor Rachel Weisz’s mind? A chance to befriend Bollywood stars!

“Nowadays, a lot of Hollywood actors have Bollywood friends, so they keep interacting and share talks about them.

I haven’t met any Bollywood actors, and I would love to meet them,” says the 41-year-old, who wouldn’t mind shaking a leg in a Hindi flick.

Rachel Weisz“I’m currently packed with too many responsibilities, but if a good script just comes to my being, I would love to work on it in near future,” she says.

And, of course, travel the country. “I would love to come to India for pleasure because I have heard so much about it — the spirituality that the country holds, being immensely rich in culture and being the largest movie makers in the world,” says Weisz, who’ll be next seen in The Whistleblower. Based on the real story of a policewoman who risks her own safety to uncover a child trafficking scandal, the thriller opens in India on October 21.

So what’s it like to be married to Mr Bond? “It is good … Daniel is a great person. He completely lives his life, like there’s no tomorrow and he’s into the most unusual things always,” she says, adding, “He is actually the same on screen and off it.” Ask her why the couple doesn’t talk much about their marriage and she says, “After marriage, we both decided that we won’t be talking about our personal lives much, and would keep it to ourselves. We wanted to be great actors and not great celebrities.”

The actor will be seen on screen with her hubby in their next film, Dream House. “He’s a great co-actor. He leaves an impression which is hard to forget, and tries to do his work whole-heartedly,” she says.