'Every actress doesn't sleep around': Dia Mirza (Interview)


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 25 -- Rachana Dubey interviews Dia Mirza.

You haven't been in action after Hum Tum Aur Ghost.

Appearances have kept me busy. I am associated with certain brands and some social service organisations. It's gratifying to support causes.

What do you think went wrong with Hum Tum Aur Ghost?

Nothing, it's running in several theatres across the country. Nowadays, if a film lasts in theatres for close to four weeks, it recovers its cost. IPL spoiled the run. Hum Tum Aur Ghost wasn't even publicised after it released.

Didn't you find faults with the film?

I felt proud the first time I watched it. You can find flaws in any film, even Titanic. But that doesn't change the honesty of the effort. IPL was always a fear factor, but it was the studio's call.

Apparently, the film also went overbudget and took too long to make.

After we wrapped up shooting, we knew that the post-production was going to take time. The multiplex strike last year pushed the release dates around.

Even after nine years in the industry, you haven't had a single solo hit.

Yes, but there is respect. I have never received more phone calls, emails and messages before as I did for Hum Tum Aur Ghost. Jaideep Sahani had said that no one can miss the film's positive vibe, the industry will take note. It's encouraging to hear such things from the fraternity. I'm motivated to take on similar work.

Why did you accept a miniscule role in Kurbaan?

Rensil D'Silva is a dear friend. Eighty per cent of the film was shot. Earlier, Minnisha Lamba was essaying my part. But her visa expired in the middle of the schedule. Rensil couldn't wait or reshoot in the US. His budget would have gone haywire. He knew I had a visa. Karan (Johar) and he rang me up and asked if I could help. I agreed.

So, are you doing any other Dharma Productions films?

No. I don't bargain with my friends for work. If I suit a part, they will approach me.

What's happening to Shoebite, Familywala and Alibaug?

Familywala has been shelved. I have no clue about what is happening to Alibaug because I haven't heard from the production house. Shoebite was rechristened Johnny Mastana. But there are complications with UTV, the producers. Till everything gets cleared, I can't say much.

What went wrong with Acid Factory?

It was perfect for its genre. And I didn't think it could have been a failure. A film like that needs marketing support. It was sad and unfair that it wasn't promoted. Half-baked films also do well because they are marketed well.

Like Kareena Kapoor who wears Chanderi work to support the artisans, you've also started wearing Banarsis and Kanjivarams.

The intention is to revive the old fashioned saris and help the artisans involved in the making. If we actresses support these traditional clothes, and make them look and appeal to young girls, we can make a difference to the craft.

You didn't react to allegations of an affair with Arshad, except for a Tweet.

I was expected to fuel the story further. My message shut a lot of people up. Film after film, you can't be having an affair with the director, the producer and the co-star. Every actress doesn't sleep around, we are not prostitutes.

Do you plan to get married?

Of course, though work is my focus. More than anything else, I want to have kids. I adore them.