"Even Manmohan Desai didn't make films for critics" - Anees Bazmee


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Singh Is Kinng has now officially taken the best opening ever and trends indicate that it all set to enjoy an all time high first week collections. While Akshay Kumar is of course turning out to be darling of the masses, the man behind the scenes - Anees Bazmee - can't stop smiling. He now has three mega money spinners in a row - No Entry, Welcome and now Singh Is Kinng. Isn't he elated that no other filmmaker in recent times has been able to achieve this feat?

"I don't mean disrespect to any other director but even on thinking hard, I don't thing anyone in last 15-20 years has been able to achieve such love and acceptance from the audience. Box office numbers are a clear indicator of audience's enthusiasm about the film. I am very happy that my film has been liked and is already garnering repeat audiences. Bottom line is for a film to be loved and run well at theaters", says Anees Bazmee who continues to be as relaxed and soft spoken as always.

Though audience has clearly given a thumbs-up to the film, a section of critics have chosen to rip the film apart. Isn't this pretty much on the same lines as the 'masala' phase of the late 70s and 80s when Manmohan Desai used to make back to back super-hits but would be panned by critics every time for carrying a similar texture and theme for his films?

"Manji was a great filmmaker. He had no pretensions about the kind of cinema he wanted to make and his track record pretty much indicates that", says Bazmee who too is seemingly following the same commercial roadmap, "Even he didn't make films for critics; he made them for the 'aam junta'. Call it formulaic, call it clichéd, call it unabashedly commercial - the fact remains that one has to serve to the audience what entertains them most. Seriously, when crores of people out there love your film, should one really be concerned about making these 4-5 critics happy?"

Humble as ever, Bazmee confesses that his phone hasn't stopped ringing ever since Thursday preview night, "I continue to be the same man as I always have been. Why should I change? At the end of the day, it is not the man who changes; it is the time, situations and circumstances around you that change. The best way to be sane and carry on with your work with the right earnest is to stay rooted."