Emraan-Vidya look guarded, Ghanchakkar sets off-limits


By Hindustan Times

Handling crowds and protecting the ‘looks’ of actors seem to have become a problem for filmmakers. And to combat such issues, the makers of Emraan Hashmi’s Ghanchakkar have now devised a new plan. From now on, unit members will only be allowed on the film sets with authorised identification badges.

Producers UTV Motion Pictures have already issued some of these special cards for certain crew members, who are involved with the shoot on a day-to-day basis. “Usually, some people accompany unit members just to see the actors. As a result, unrequired people land up on the sets,” says an insider.

Besides fans, food suppliers and some technicians also stay back on the sets. “But when there are too many people around, someone ends up talking and disturbing the shoot,” reveals the source. The makers also hope this added security measure will also prevent any looks from being ‘leaked’.

When contacted, Manish Hariprasad, creative director, studios, Disney UTV, says, “This was the best option available to us since we were shooting outdoors. We anyway had to manage Emraan and Vidya Balan’s fans, so we could not afford risking pictures getting leaked. This will ensure that doesn’t happen.”