Emraan is the stingiest guy on earth: Mahesh Bhatt

By Hindustan Times

Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt share a close bond — professional as well as familial. That may probably explain what the filmmaker had to say about his actor nephew when he received a swanky phone as a gift from him.

“Getting a present from Emraan is nothing short of a miracle. He gifted me the phone only after I held a gun to his head and threatened him with dire consequences. Emraan is the stingiest guy on earth, but no one knows this. The serial kisser is tight-fisted. He will put his hand in his pocket, but will remove it half way, empty as if there’s a reptile inside,” jokes Mahesh, visibly thrilled to have received a gift from his nephew.

Ask Emraan about the gift and he says, “Bhatt saab has always been a mentor and a huge inspiration. The gift was a small tok